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Winner of the Blitz with 10/11 was Andrew Li
Full results (not necessarily the right order or colours...) on Vega: July 31st Blitz


While several catch-up games took place in the Lounge, 10 players competed in an all-play-all blitz event. The winner was Antonio Krstev who dropped only half a point (to Eddie Kim).
Full results (not necessarily the right order or colours...) on Vega: July Blitz


A-Grade and B-Grade are 10-player round-robins with 9 rounds over a period of 12 weeks - ie 3 catch-up nights on which you can play games you have missed. Please make arrangements with your opponents to do this! The full schedule can be found online under the Tables tab on the Vega files.
C-Grade is a 9-round swiss. Please let me know if you have to miss a night - I will take you out of the pairings. Email Helen Milligan, [email protected]. C-Grade players are free on catch-up nights! I will try to organise blitz events if people turn up without checking the Schedule...
Follow on Vega: A-Grade, B-Grade, C-grade.
The games of the A-Grade will be available on the Games tab in the Vega files, eventually.


1st with 6/6 was Ralph Hart
2nd= David Evans, Antonio Krstev, and Andrew Li.
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship 2nd Leg


The lower groups suffered from absences - some notified, many not. This event has no catch-up nights so default is the only option. In future perhaps the club should consider abandoning this structure for the lower groups, and running a swiss instead (where players can be re-paired on the night in the event of absentees).
A-Grade: 1st IM Paul Garbett
B-Grade: 1st Ceferino Isaac
C-Grade: 1st Matthew Chen
D-Grade: 1st Nate Williamson
E-Grade: 1st Eddie Kim
F-Grade: 1st= Bobby Peoples & Brendon Kamberi

Full results on Vega: Autumn A-Grade
Autumn B-Grade
Autumn C-Grade
Autumn D-Grade
Autumn E-Grade
Autumn F-Grade

RAPID CHAMPIONSHIP, 1st Leg, April 2019

1st Gino Thornton
2nd= Ralph Hart and Neil Gunn
Full results on Vega: Rapid Championship 1st Leg

SUMMER CUP, February-April 2019

1st= Antonio Krstev & CM Richard Meng
3rd= Ryan Feyter, Andrew Li, & Isaac Ceferino
Full results on Vega: Summer Cup

AGM Lightning Tournaments, 20th March 2019

A-Grade: 1st= Andrew Li, Ceferino Isaac, CM Richard Meng, & Antonio Krstev
Full results on Vega: AGM Lightning A-Grade
B-Grade: 1st Jeffrey Yu
Full results on Vega: AGM Lightning B-Grade
C-Grade: 1st= Aaron Shi, Nate Williamson & Manny Aguilar
Full (nearly) results on Vega: AGM Lightning C-Grade
Please note that the colours and the order of rounds are not necessarily correct, as the Vega files were constructed after the events. The C-grade is missing some results (which I will add if I am given!).

Match: President's Team vs Treasurer & Secretary's Team (aka Assassins)

This resulted in a very narrow win for the President's team!

  President's Team   Treasurer & Secretary's Team
1 Helen Milligan (President) ½ : ½ David Evans (Treasurer)
2 Ceferino Isaac 0 : 1 CM Richard Meng
3 Philip Hair 1 : 0 Daniel Johns (Secretary)
4 Ryan Feyter 0 : 1 Andrew Li
5 Paul Kamberi ½ : ½ Allen Li
6 Matthew Chen 0 : 1 Yifei Song
7 Zak Holdaway 0 : 1 Jeffrey Yu
8 Nate Williamson ½ : ½ Brian Winsor
9 Eddie Kim 1 : 0 Emily Gan
10 Jack Chen 1 : 0 Aaron Shi
11 Pridiyathon Kulchayodom 1 : 0 Lucase Yang
12 Nathan Jin 1 : 0 Andy Yang
13 Kevin Park 1 : 0 Bobby Peoples
    7½ : 5½  

Lightning, 23rd January

1st CM Richard Meng 15/15
2nd David Evans 12
3rd Andrew Li 11½
Full results on Vega (please note that the colours and the order of rounds are not necessarily correct, as the Vega file was constructed after the event).
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